The University of Illinois Extension will be sponsoring a Countywide Tech Fest on Friday, Oct. 25. This event will take place at the House of Prayer Church in Albion.

All fifth grade students from the Albion Grade School, West Salem Grade School and home school groups in the area are welcome and encouraged to attend. It will be a fun filled and busy day learning about technology, science, and engineering. 

Both public schools are planning to attend and the U of I Extension Office want to make sure everyone knows about this event. Home School youth are encouraged to attend also if they are third grade and up. If they are home schooled and have attended in a past year, they are still welcome to take part. Sessions are always changing, so simply call the Extension office in Albion at 618-445-2934 for sign up details. The event is free and this will be the sixth year we have had it. The day will begin at 9 a.m. and students will depart at 2:15 p.m.

The students will go in groups to four different stations learning and doing hands on activities. The four sessions for the day will be: Boat Challenge, Roller Coasters, Building a Catapult and Ecobots. The Extension Office asks that students bring their lunch from school or pack a lunch for the day. Snacks will be provided to everyone. 

The activities presented are 4-H National Youth Science Experiments and hands on activities that help develop math skills, learn engineering concepts, determine the most effective environmental clean-up solution for a simulated toxic spill and have fun working together.