Edwards County 4-H would like to build on their future. The new year begins on Sept. 1 and local enrollment can start on Sept. 10 for the 2019-2020 4-H year. Be the best you can be and join a 4-H club today.


If you are ages five through seven (as of Sept. 1) you can join as a Tag-A-Long Cloverbud 4-H member. This age group is active learning the basics of 4-H. Workshops are geared for this age group, their interests, and their abilities. Encouragement is key to making these youth feel a part and watching them excel.

The traditional 4-H club member is ages eight (as of Sept. 1) to 19 years old. These youth are a strong voice, and they determine the activities in their clubs. 4-H members can choose their own path being as active as they want to be in a club. They do have to meet a few basic requirements, but that is simple to do. 4-H grows confident kids who tackle issues that matter. 4-H gives “Real-Life” experiences in teaching others, planning events, community service, and having fun with friends. Just ask a local 4-H member what they have learned through the 4-H program! Leadership skills help us to learn and to work together. 4-H teaches you to not be afraid of trying new things and that it is ok to make mistakes in a safe environment which 4-H provides.

Clubs are now forming for the new 2019-2020 year. Now is the perfect time to join in to get in on all the action! We have five community clubs who are currently taking enrollments: Blue Ribbon, Bone Gap Cardinals, Ellery Panthers, Little Wabash Ramblers, and Yankees. We hope to have a new club that will be forming in the southern part of the county as well.

Call the Edwards County Extension office at 618-445-2934 for meeting locations and times. We want you in 4-H!

University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment. If you need reasonable accommodation to participate, please contact the Edwards Co. Extension office at 618.445.2934. Early requests are strongly encourage to allow sufficient time for meeting your access needs.