The Grayville City Council took up again the issue of a pet crematorium in a residential area Monday night. 

Last month, the new variance to the city’s zoning ordinances for the pet crematorium was denied after a 2-2 tie vote sent the zoning ordinance change to the circular file cabinet. Or at least most people thought.

Terry Haywood, who was a member of the zoning commission before the city council took over the task, told the council, “I’m just here to reiterate what I said last time about changing this zoning ordinance from residential use to a commercial special use in a residential area. This town was built on these zoning laws and very few times have I seen a commercial special use variance in a residential area.”

Jay Walden interrupted Haywood saying, “Just so I’m clear I thought that at the last meeting that was voted down and that was out.”

“It was a tie, 2-2,” Mayor Travis Thompson pointed out.

Haywood countered, “You go by Roberts Rules of Order right? Ive been on three or four boards and on all of them the mayor or the chairman vote was only counted in case of a tie vote. I understand there were two no votes one yes vote and then Travis voted, am I correct? Why did you vote when there was no tie.”

Walden jumped in, explaining that “whether the Mayor gets to vote or not, when the vote is a tie the vote fails and that is the end of that.”

Walden added after the meeting that under the commission form of government, the mayor may vote on all issues.

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