In a line of residents asking questions Monday night, Pat Ristvedt told the West Salem Village board she was on a walk to the library and wondered why the police truck was running with no one in it. She was told it is because if the truck is not running the radio is not on and therefore, they cannot communicate with the courthouse. “Thank you for the explanation, I really was just wondering.” said Ristvedt.

Donny Knackmus was next, and he said, “There are about twenty street signs that need to be corrected, they’re wrong.” He also asked, “Does it depend on who you are and where you live at for the city to spray your weeds?” I’m tired of seeing eyesores of weeds around stop signs and people’s homes.” “It seems to me that certain citizens get theirs sprayed while others do not.” “And I’m tired of hearing snide remarks from council members,” Knackmus said, referring to Village Board member Dan Jackson.  “I didn’t say anything,” Replied Jackson. “ Let’s stop arguing guys...

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