One thing was made abundantly clear during the Albion City Council August regular meeting Monday night: The city is not in the red.

“Don’t think we’re just in the red,” said Wesley Harris, Albion Mayor. “I’ve had people call me and say, ‘The city’s bankrupt.’ We’re not bankrupt.”

The statement was a result of the council learning there was not enough money in the city’s general fund at $56,717.54 to pay all of its bills for the month of July. The city does have the funds to shift into the fund to cover the cost of its expenditures for the previous month, but some confusion on the amount of money available to spend led to some overspending by the council, according to the mayor.

“We were kind of going on a spending spree because we thought we had the money,” Harris explained. “And we didn’t have all that money.

“That’s why we talked last month about tapping the brakes on our spending.”

It was the city treasurer that delivered the news to the council.

“Obviously, if you look at our general account there, we don’t have enough in there this month to pay the bills,” said Sydney Gracyalny.

The council expressed a need to slow its spending at its July meeting, with a plan in place to pull money from the city’s savings account to compensate for the purchase of two new trucks for city workers at a cost of $55,476.

That plan hit a snag, however.

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