The Grayville City Council had one emergency item on their agenda Monday night when Mayor Travis Thompson presented the council with the choice of spending an additional $25,000 on the new water main upgrade or be forced to shut down the entire town’s water supply for a day.

Thompson told the council Wiggs Construction was ready to hook up the schools and had discovered the valves on the old system which needed to be closed when the change over occurs could not be closed. “They are wanting to do it Monday and we have two options. The first option is shut down the water lines of the whole town and do the work over a day. The second option is to install line stops in the areas where the change over needs to be done. I got with the school and they said if we started at noon it would be okay. They could let out at noon and it would be counted as a day. But you still have two hotels that are full and a nursing home that would be affected. If we have a fire we are talking about bringing in every community around that has a tanker like we would if we had a fire in the country.”

He also pointed out that the 24 hour time frame is every thing works out and they don’t run into any more problems. 

If we spend the $25,000 and do the line stops everybody has water. Especially during a pandemic with people washing their hands. It would also be asking a lot of our motels to shut down for a day...

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