A contract that would outsource the operation of Edwards County Emergency Medical Services to Wabash General Hospital will be reviewed in a joint meeting between the Edwards County EMS Board of Directors and Edwards County Board tonight.

The proposal will not go to a vote by the county board its January meeting, however.

The deal has been negotiated between the county and WGH over the course of several months. The county board heard from State’s Attorney Eric St. Ledger during their December regular session Monday morning, with St. Ledger noting that most of the final details of the proposed agreement are hashed out.

“So we’re under the consensus that this is the final one, and we’re ready to proceed?” asked Commissioner Duane Lear.

St. Ledger stated that there was one matter that still needed clarification regarding the hospital being added on as additional insured for the service.

“That’s the only thing I haven’t heard back from them on yet,” he said. “But I expect anytime that they’ll confirm one way or the other.”

Commissioner Davis Messman queried as to whether the document was ready to be reviewed by the EMS Board, with the board needing to vote on a recommendation on what action the county board should take regarding the contract. St. Ledger answered in the affirmative, reaffirming that the additional insured issue is the only matter yet to be settled in the negotiation.

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