Santiago Ramirez

Santiago Ramirez won the Grayville Days Bullriding Championship by lasting 433 seconds on the bull.

Grayville Days 2019: Another memory for the books!

Despite the hiccup that Grayville Days faced when it lost the carnival, the three-day celebration was certainly memorable and ended with a bang!

The Navigator caught up with Grayville Days Committee Secretary-Treasurer Mary Kendrick after the Labor Day break to find out how the committee thought Grayville Days went.

“I think it went really well. Our music was good, and I think the kids enjoyed the inflatables. As a whole, I think it went really well.”

Being the alternate solution for the carnival, the inflatables seemed to be a bit of a hit with the kids at Grayville Days. Mayor Travis Thompson attests to as much with his own children.

“My kids had a lot of fun. They really enjoyed the bounce houses. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not the community wants to see the inflatables to come back or if they’d prefer the rides.”

Kendrick noted that while they brought in several inflatables for the kids, they also brought in something for the adults as well: a mechanical bull. What amused her, though, was seeing the mayor ride the bull.

“Mayor Thompson rode the bull and one of the councilmen rode it. Another captain in the fire department rode it, and one of the guys from White County EMS rode it as well. I think that was a big boost builder for everybody.”

Kendrick laughed and said, “I’m not so sure how it was for them, but for everyone else it was really fun.”

The mayor admitted that it was a rather amusing situation.

“Riding the mechanical bull wasn’t too bad. That was not the funniest part; the funniest part was me trying to get up on it.”

However, the mayor wasn’t riding the bull just for his community’s amusement. Him riding the bull started out as a fundraising idea for the Little Wabash Fire Protection District and the Grayville Police Department; the mayor proposed a competition.

“Tyler Howell, Terry Hawkins and I challenged the Grayville Police Department that whoever raised the least amount of money would ride the bull. I said we would have two buckets for collection at the stage. Well, they declined.”

After the proposition was turned down, the mayor was content to leave well enough alone, but the firefighters’ wives wanted to see their husbands on the bull.

“After that, my wife, Tyler’s wife and Terry’s wife kind of took it upon themselves saying, ‘Hey, let’s raise money for the fire department.’ They wanted to know how much it would take to get me to ride the bull, then how much for Tyler and for Terry. Terry didn’t think that they would push to get up to a thousand.”

So, the bar was set, and it was set high: $1000 to get Terry Hawkins on the mechanical bull. For a minute, it looked like Hawkins might escape facing the bull’s horns, but that possibility quickly dissolved.

“It ended up that the last $225 was raised by the firefighters themselves to get Terry up on the bull,” said Thompson.

The $1000 was raised and all three men rode the bull during Grayville Days.

Even though the contest was memorable, Mayor Thompson stated that what he found to be most memorable to him was how much fun his kids had at Grayville Days, that they really enjoyed the inflatables and the music.

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