The Grayville Chamber of Commerce met on Sept. 16 to discuss several upcoming community events.

The chamber first discussed the upcoming city yard sale. Chamber of Commerce president Colleen Whyte announced that there was now a definitive deadline for participation if citizens want their names on the list for the sale.

“We have set the deadline for yard sale participation, and I’m hoping we have enough cooking volunteers for that Saturday morning. If Joe is cooking, he likes to start at 9:30 a.m.” 

Linda Perry explained that the chamber needs “all of the names for the yard sale by the close of business on Wednesday, Oct. 2. The yard sale is on Oct. 5.”

Whyte stated that there are several places and people that can take names for participation in the yard sale. 

“As a general rule, Linda does her Facebook thing. So, Linda takes names, the Navigator’s Grayville office takes names, First Bank and Tri-County Banking Center also take names.”

As Mrs. Perry indicated, the yard sale is on Oct. 5, and the deadline for participation is Oct. 2. The day after the yard sale, Grayville’s 13thAnnual Motorcycle, Truck and Car show will be held in the downtown area.

The chamber then moved on to discussing this year’s Christmas parade.

“The next bit of business we have to take care of is deciding on a theme for the Christmas parade. I do have some ideas. If you hate them all tell me, but my ideas are: Toys on Parade, Rootin’ Tootin’ Christmas, A Child’s View of Christmas, Christmas Rocks and Christmas Is…”

The chamber seemed to unanimously like “Toys on Parade,” so they decided that it would be the theme.

So, mark your calendars, folks, for Grayville Christmas: Toys on Parade, which will be held on Saturday, Nov. 30, which is two days after Thanksgiving.

Lastly, the chamber discussed how to encourage member participation in chamber business and events.

Chamber member Penny Pritchett asked, “How do we get more of these members to help us? To be involved?”

The other chamber members expressed uncertainty as to how to elicit greater participation from the remainder of the chamber members. Whyte expressed that she had been trying to get other members to help out.

“As I told Steve in the email I sent to him and other members, we would appreciate help.”

Whyte was referring to The Navigator’sadvertising sales manager Steve Hartsock, who was present at the meeting. Hartsock had a recommendation for drumming up participation from local chamber members.

“Well, the way you get them to help is by calling them on the phone and personally asking them. That’s really the only way to get through to them.”

Bob Perry interjected saying, “You should not have to do that.”

Hartsock acknowledged Perry’s point but insisted that it’s necessary.

“I know you shouldn’t have to, but you do. You can call people and say, ‘Hey, we’ve got this going on. Would you help?’ I feel like that works best.”

For those businesses that would like to become more involved, the City of Grayville’s website has the Chamber of Commerce’s phone number listed as 618-375-7518.