By Chrissy Chapman

Richard Clodfelter appeared before the Grayville city council Monday night addressing his use of water from the city’s chlorine building next door to his business.

Mayor Travis Thompson was notified Monday that Grayville resident was using water from the chlorine building.  Police Chief Bobby Hatcher was reportedly sent to investigate the situation.  Clodfelter appeared before the City Council to discuss his water bill for $600 that is past due three months and the accusation that he was stealing water.   Clodfelter stated that he had previously reported a leaking water meter back in January.  Mayor Thompson responded  “This is the first I have heard about it.” Clodfelter told the council he was given permission to use the water by an unnamed source who he later admits may not even work there anymore.   After an extended discussion,  Thompson promised Clodfelter “it will all get worked out but there is a process”.  Clodfelter agreed to no longer use the chlorine building’s water and that...

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