To our valued subscribers. I'm sure you have noticed that for the past couple of weeks our paper has been a day late hitting the streets. We apologize for that and we ask your patience as we transition to a new printer. The printer we have used for the past two decades has decided to move all their production to Indiana. The move has not been without problems as the new print shop gets used to our operation and the volume of our work product. Between our three papers, we average nearly 40 pages of news print a week and they are in the process of making adjustments to get us on the press in a timely fashion.

On the up side, we hope you have noticed the quality of the print job has improved. The new presses are making our printed product better than ever and we look forward to delivering the best newspapers in the state to your door every week for years to come and on time in the very near future.

The staff of the The Navigator, The Carmi Chronicle and The Prairie Post thank you for your loyal support as we continue to grow and make your hometown papers better than ever.


Steve Hartsock

Sales Manager