Six competitive races for road district commissioners and clerks were decided in last week’s spring election.

In a battle for Road District 1 Commissioner, Steve Greathouse bested Jackie Knackmus, 68–19. Winning the race for Road District 1 Clerk was Wendy Coles, who topped Jordan McWhirter by a 64–23 margin.

In Road District 6, Bryce Buckles fended off two opponents, racking up 50 votes to Wayne Michels’ seven and 16 votes awarded to a write-in candidate. Wayne Hinderliter defeated Mitchell Hortin to win the race for District 14 Road Commissioner, 34–14.

In Road District 15, Leslie Smith bested Lester Shaw 43–7 to win the title of commissioner, while Steve Hnetkovsky won the role of clerk, defeating Eugenia Shaw, 43–5.

In uncontested road district battles, a write-in candidate won the race for Road District 2 Commissioner with 18 votes, no candidate ran for Road District 2 Clerk, Michael Harris retained the title of Road District 3 Commissioner with 25 votes, Aubrey Seibert won Road District 3 Clerk with 22 votes, Travis Sharp won in the race for commissioner in Road Districts 4 and 12 with 39 votes, Linda Raber won the title of clerk for Road Districts 4 and 12 with 34 votes, Paul Martin won the race for commissioner of Road Districts 5 and 11 with 64 votes, no candidate ran for clerk in Road District’s 5 and 11, Richard Sherrick took Road District 6 Clerk with 56 votes, Donnie Perkins won District 7 Road Commissioner with 14 votes, Sharon Mason took Road District 7 Clerk with 13 votes, Mark Campbell won District 8 and 10 Road Commissioner with 27 votes, no candidate ran for Road Districtt 8 and 10 Clerk and no candidate ran for Road District 14 Clerk.

In the race for Edwards County School Board, incumbents Lawrence Speir, Dale Woods and Jayare Buerster ran unopposed for their seats, bringing in 540, 431 and 404 votes, respectively. The Grayville School Board also saw three candidates run unopposed for three vacancies, with incumbents Luke Rhinehart and Jon Risley nabbing 43 and 41 Edwards County votes, respectively, and newcomer Steven Vallette finding his way onto the board with 35 votes from the county.

In Albion, Wesley Harris retained mayorship in an uncontested race with 112 votes, while Melissa Felling won election as clerk with 103 votes. City Council Aldermen Chris Hodgson in Ward 2 and Quentin Speir in Ward 3 each won uncontested reelection as well, nabbing 24 and 12 votes, respectively.

Cheri Sutherland won an unchallenged race for Bone Gap Village Clerk, scoring 19 votes, while Troy Bunting, Steven Putt and Barbara Root each won a four-year spot on the Bone Gap Board of Trustees with 14, 14 and 19 votes. James Bruce ran unopposed for a two-year unexpired term on the Bone Gap Board, winning the seat with 19 votes.

Rockelle Smith won an uncontested race to retain her position as Browns Village Clerk, garnering 43 votes. Incumbent Browns Board for Trustees members Glen Iles, Jimmy Duncan and Misty Pearson all kept their seats in an uncontested race for three seats on the board, bringing in 42, 37 and 34 votes, respectively.

Misti Mewes and Kevin Schilt won six-year and two-year respective terms on the West Salem Library Trustee Board, nabbing 92 and 99 votes.