Marcella Tate wants answers about Cosby’s release from prison



Grayville native Marcella Tate says she wants answers about why Bill Cosby; the man she says drugged and raped her in 1975, was abruptly released from a Pennsylvania prison last month. Tate, now living in Palm Springs, California is one of more than 64 women who have accused Cosby of sexual assault. “I’m trying to find the truth behind all this,” Tate said. “It’s confusing and mystifying.”

The former “Cosby Show” star and comedian was released from prison late last month after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the District Attorney who decided to arrest the former star in the first place was obligated to stand by his predecessor’s decision not to prosecute Cosby if he testified truthfully in a deposition.  

Cosby, now 83, was arrested in 2015 after a Pennsylvania District Attorney reviewed the deposition the comedian gave in a lawsuit brought by one of his alleged victims, former Temple University employee Andrea Constand. Constand told investigators that Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2004. Using information contained within the deposition given in the Constand lawsuit, Cosby was charged and subsequently sentenced in September of 2018 to ten years in state prison. He served about three years of the ten year sentence before the conviction was vacated and he was released from prison on June 30, 2021.

“It’s hard for me to understand how the State Supreme Court came to the decision with no written confirmation of the promise not to prosecute and people from the former prosecutor’s staff saying they don’t remember the promise being made,” Tate said. “I hope someone gets to the bottom of this.”

Tate has met many of Cosby’s alleged victims and now realizes there was a pattern to the actor’s actions. “Apparently some of the agents knew him and would send young women to him who might appeal to him,” Tate said. “They were sitting ducks. I heard this more than one time. He would ostensibly audition them – have them do a scene with him and set the scene so that they were young women who had a little bit too much to drink. He would give them a drink to relax and then they would find themselves woozy. He always used a drink of some form to drug them. He later admitted...

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