Grayville police officers give notice of leaving


The City of Grayville is facing a real problem providing police protection. 

During an Executive Session Monday night,  the council accepted the resignations of police officers Mike Brown and Shannon Trusty.  The council recommended sending three of their police applicants to the Police Academy in Bellville when there is availability at the academy and that probably will not happen until next year accoring to Mayor Travis Thompson,.

The new Police Chief, Robert “Bobby” Hatcher is already on the  job in an administrative role as the city awaits his waiver from the state as he has been out of service for 17 years according to the Mayor.

The police officers’ resignations are effective June 26 and 27. 

Thompson explained, “We will be having some officers from other departments do some part-time work here until we can get our candidates in the academy at Bellville.” 

That will put the new applicants ready to serve next may according to the Mayor.

“I think that we have enough part-time help and Chief Hatcher has committed to picking up more hours as well. We should be covered more days than not”, Thompson addec.

He explained, “The policing problem is two fold. Covid caused limitations in the program and the Governor has restricted the number of cadets in the academy each session.

The second problem according to Thompson is police reform. That  is the reason our officers are leaving. 

The two proposed to take the place of Brown and Trusty are Grant Leavens and Donnie Watkins Jr., both of Grayville.

“We lost one of our applicants to another police department in a different town”,  Travis said.

The first of three homes the city is seeking to demolish is now in ready to be purchased. The City of Grayville will be purchasing the property at 513 W. North St. from the Trustee Program and then will proceed with demolition.  

The council also approved the sale of the old Carnegy Library to Rick and Terry Conners.

The water tower exterior work has begun.  It has been reported the Water tower was drained and c ity customers may experience water disruption or decreased water pressure.The tower exterior work could be done in two weeks. Mayor Thompson said our water tower should be back to its bright colors soon!

“Residents have complained about oil on the roads,” stated Thompson.  Utility workers will be out placing sand on the roads.

The City pool will open Wednesday (today) after a delay due to a pump malfunction.  

Thompson said, “We have a leak. We slowed the leak down. We have a company coming over on Thursday to see if they can fix it. We’ve made the repairs to the pump so we can open. But, we should know more on Thursday. 

In other business, Andi Ford with the Park Restoration Committee was approved for a landscaping project.  The landscaping will be near the new shelter house this summer or fall.

The Council also approved a request by The Friends of Grayville to host their annual Hog Roast and events  on July 24.